Easy Process

Switch to Solar Energy in Five Easy Steps

When working with us, your switch to solar is fast and easy. Here are the steps involved.

Free In-Home Consultation

If you are looking to make the switch to solar energy, the process will start with a free in-home consultation. One of our professionals will come out and do all of the leg work for you. They will create a custom solar design and detailed proposal specifically for your home or business. The estimate will also include an estimate of how much you are going to save over the years and the assortment of different financing options available to you. The process has never been as simple or as exciting as it is now.

Comprehensive Shading Analysis and Roofing Optimization

When installing a solar system, you have to take advantage of your roof to ensure you get the maximum exposure possible. The engineers will work hard to design a layout of the area to ensure your solar system is going to be able to harness the maximum amount of energy possible. It’s all about harnessing the power of the sun and using sun exposure to your advantage.

Design and Permits

The team of in-house engineers will design your new solar energy system based on what the requirements are for the city and what the shading analysis reveals. We will go in and meet with representatives from your city and make sure our design is compliant with what the city allows. We will then handle getting all of the necessary permits to install your system. There is nothing you have to do on your end.


On installation day, you will meet with one of the professional in-house installers. They will go through everything and explain what the process entails and what you can expect to happen. They will make sure you understand everything before they begin work. While the team typically finishes the installation the same day, we might still be cleaning up in the evening hours. Even though you were wasting money that morning, you will be saving by the time night hits.


The last part of the process is the activation. After all of the inspections are done and the final connection is made to your local utility company, you can begin saving with your new solar energy system. This is the part where you can begin taking advantage of the power of the sun and start saving money on your energy bill each and every month.

Store energy from the sun in the cloud.

You can easily monitor your solar system and see just how much money you are saving anytime of the day or night. You don’t even have to be at home to see how much you are saving. All you need is your computer or mobile device to check the savings.


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