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Leasing Your New Solar System in California

There are a number of different options available to finance your new solar system, such as:
This is for those who are refinancing their mortgage.
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Lease Changes
These often occur due to divorce, military relocation, one of the lessee’s passing away or taking a co-borrower off the loan.
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Home Sale
The lease often changes when the home is sold. This has to be completed before closing.
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Helpful Information about Refinancing

  • There is a $100 fee associated with refinancing your system.
  • Subordinations are documents allowing the mortgage servicer to be first on the title. We don’t provide this document. We terminate our UCC as we are requested. A UCC 1 fixture filing is placed on the equipment. Oftentimes, title companies want a subordination of the filing. To help expedite the process, we will lift the UCC 1 and refile it after you refinance your home.
  • Your mortgage company can request a UCC 1 termination by sending a title report to [email protected]. They will be sent a copy of the online termination. We don’t provide originals of the termination.
  • You cannot do an early buyout when refinancing your home. You can only purchase a system when selling your home or on the early buyout date.

Home Sale Buyout FAQs

  • You can initiate a lease transfer to a new owner by speaking to one of the customer service representatives. There is a form that has to be completed and assist the mortgage company on transferring the title to the new homeowners.
  • You need to give a 30-day notice when selling your home. We work to get the buyers approved as quickly as possible, but 30-days is ideal. We have to do a credit check and process the paperwork, which can take at least 14 days.
  • If the buyer is declined, we will try to do our best to approve the transfer. However, it isn’t always possible. In that event, a lease buyout will be required.
  • You cannot move a leased system to another property. You would have to purchase your system outright and then pay to have it moved. 
  • A lease can only be assigned to someone who is going to live in the home and use it as their primary residence.


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