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Change In LA County LAW

Since the State of California signed a bill in September of 2016 that amended requirements for garage conversions on residential properties, it has become a real estate trend for homeowners to turn garage units into additional housing.

Senate Bill No.1069 allows cities to govern requirements for constructing second units in single-family and multifamily residential zones. These second units are now officially being recognized by The Planning and Zoning Law as Accessory dwelling units

While converting garages into living spaces also provides a solution that could benefit Los Angeles homeowners in several ways:

1. It allows homeowners to turn what could be large unused spaces into extra living areas. For homeowners, this is one of the best ways to raise property value in today’s market. Not only does it require minimal to no disruption in the current home, but these projects can easily add additional square footage to the home. Whether you have a one or two car garage, the right layout can maximize on space to creative a comfortable studio.

2. Adding an accessory dwelling unit in Los Angeles brings opportunity for additional income as the need for rental units increases. With the number of renters on the rise, it’s one of the best ways to create additional income opportunities and can quickly pay for itself and then some.

3. Converting a garage into an ADU can also allow for extended families to live together without compromising on privacy. Second dwellings can be a perfect in-laws quarters so you can help parents or grandparents and keep them close and keep on budget.

 4. Improving home aesthetics. Garage studios don’t have to be boring! Some of our reps have worked together with clients to create envy-worthy garage conversions that have turned garages into apartments or studios. If designed well, your contractor can fit in not only a bedroom and kitchen and bathroom areas, but also leave enough room for an office or game room. 

This bill has made the accessory dwelling unit permits more accessible than ever, and turning your garage into extra living space is only a phone call away.

If you’ve been sitting on the idea of expanding your home by converting a garage, now is the time- it’s not certain how long it will remain intact

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ADU – Accessory Dwelling Units

A secondary housing unit on a single-family residential lot is known as an Accessor dwelling unit, or simply an ADU. For example, it could be an apartment over the garage, a basement apartment, or a stand-alone house in the backyard. An ADU can be used to house a family member or for additional income through rent. Ground Up Builders offer the best ADU construction services in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura.

To solve the affordable housing shortage, new state regulations allow property owners and landlords to construct one or more Accessory Dwelling Units on their residential zoned property.

Your ADU may feature a separate living room, kitchen, and entrance. It can be erected as a standalone apartment or linked to the main house, using the main house’s energy and water connections. This is a great way to improve the aesthetics and comfort of your living space while increasing the value of your current home.

There are numerous possibilities for the types of ADUs that are feasible and suitable for your property. ADUs can be designed and built from the ground up by Ground Up Builders. ADU garage conversions can also be designed and built by us.

Do Accessory Dwelling Units add value to homes?

ADUs are well-liked since they frequently increase a property’s value. The amount of value they add, however, is difficult to estimate and depends on the market. Before selling their home, a property owner might not be able to tell whether an ADU is a wise investment.

An ADU, however, offers value in additional ways that should be taken into account. Elderly family members who reside in ADUs can value their independence greatly and would prefer to live at home rather than in an assisted living facility. A younger family member, on the other hand, might value staying in an ADU until they are more financially independent.

Room addition vs Accessory Dwelling Unit

ADU homes, sometimes known as granny flats or mother-in-law houses, are modern structures that can be joined or detached from the main house. It functions as a self-contained home, complete with its kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space. A guest home, rental unit, separate living or workspace, or pool house can all be used as an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

In contrast, a room addition enlarges the primary structure of a single-family house to add more square footage. These renovations are frequently carried out to add a new bedroom and/or bathroom, as well as to enlarge the kitchen, family room, or master bedroom. The addition of a second or third floor is another option for this project.

How much do Accessory Dwelling Units cost?

Whether an ADU will be attached to or separated from the main house, as well as the materials and contractors needed, will all affect the cost of construction. We at Ground Up Builders ensure that our clients have the most affordable yet quality service. Per your instructions, we will make sure to construct the ADU of your choice while saving you from unnecessary costs.


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