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At Ground Up Builders we’ve been helping the many people in your area asking, ”How do I find the best kitchen remodeling contractors in my area?” As one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors near you, we’ll provide you with a free custom quote for a kitchen remodeling project. At Ground Up Builders, we proudly provide kitchen remodeling services to Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, offering great service at an even better price. With over 10 years in the business, excellent customer ratings and more than 1,000 kitchen remodeled under our belts you can count on us to complete your kitchen remodeling project to your complete satisfaction.

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Ground Up is an approved contractor for a number of financing programs, many that the competition isn’t qualified to offer — meaning, we’re able to help you find the best rate in town.

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Ground Up Builders is family owned and operated, and our owners proudly work in the field, sharing their commitment to quality craftsmanship with the Southern California community.

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Our size allows us to efficiently service the greater Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, offering quality service and attention to detail at a competitive rate.

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Kitchen Remodeling Improves Your Gathering Space​

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, which is why kitchen remodeling is so important. You can use the remodeling process to transform your space into something that you can enjoy for years to come. Kitchens are places where friends and family members gather together to create lasting memories and children gather together to complete homework. Because of the uses of a kitchen, it makes sense that kitchen remodeling contractors are in high demand. Kitchen renovations top the list out of all remodeling projects today. Beyond helping increase your home’s value, they also help add a sense of aesthetic appeal to your space.

Types of Kitchen Remodeling Projects​

There are a whole host of kitchen remodeling ideas that you can use for your home. You could opt for something as simple as re-facing your cabinets or replacing your countertops to extensively remodeling and reconfiguring your entire space. Many people want an open kitchen that is more comfortable and efficient. By expanding your current space, you can create a whole new kitchen that isn’t anything like your old one.

Want to go green? We can also help you build an environmentally-friendly kitchen that will reduce water and energy costs, add value to your existing home and create a healthier place for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Common kitchen remodeling projects include:​

  • New tile and flooring
  • New backsplashes and countertops
  • Plumbing upgrades
  • Custom cabinetry​
  • Electrical and lighting upgrades
  • Cabinet re-facing
  • And much more!

Kitchen Remodeling

Ground Up Builders has a proven record of being the best contractors for kitchen remodeling. We will offer you a free personalized quote for a kitchen remodeling project as one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors near you. Ground Up Builders is happy to offer kitchen renovation services in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties, providing excellent service at an affordable price. 


We excel at producing work of the highest caliber quickly and affordably. With our assistance, you can enjoy a stress-free kitchen remodeling process. We’ll make it simple for you to rebuild your kitchen when you want to. We cater to your demands, from conception to fulfillment.


Because your kitchen is the heart of your house, kitchen remodeling is essential. You can employ renovation to change your place into something you will appreciate for many years. Friends and family members congregate in kitchens to make memorable memories, while children gather in kitchens to do their homework. It cannot be overstated how important the kitchen is to a home, this is why we go over and beyond to satisfy your needs.


Kitchen renovation contractors are in high demand due to the many functions of a kitchen. Today, kitchen improvements are at the top of the list of all remodeling projects. They not only serve to raise the value of your property, but they also offer a sense of aesthetic appeal to your area.

Types of Kitchen Remodeling Projects

There are numerous kitchen remodeling ideas that you can implement in your home. You may do something as easy as refacing your cabinets or changing your countertops, or you could completely renovate and reconfigure the entire room. Many individuals prefer a more comfortable and efficient open kitchen. By enlarging your current area, you can build a whole new kitchen that is unlike any other.


Want to go green? We can also assist you in designing an environmentally friendly kitchen that will save you money on water and energy, add value to your current home, and make it a healthier place for you to live.


Common Kitchen Remodeling Projects Ground up builders offer:

  • Flooring 
  • New tile and flooring 
  • Insulation installation 
  • Plumbing upgrades 
  • Custom cabinetry 
  • Electrical and lighting upgrades 
  • Cabinet refacing

Comprehensive Kitchen Remodeling Services

Our professionals specialize in high-quality kitchen design and construction, but we take it a step further by providing exceptional customer service. We recognize that home remodeling may be stressful, so we want to make the process as easy and quick for you and your family as possible.


When it comes to kitchen remodeling on a budget, we begin by dispatching a kitchen remodeling contractor to inspect the property. We must first determine what we are dealing with to determine what has to be done. Then, we create a floor plan that best fulfills your demands while also allowing you to achieve the desired design in your new home. Once everything is in place, we begin the process of ordering the supplies required to complete the project.


We also need to prepare the space by dismantling the previous structure and transporting away all of the trash. We begin placing the materials around your property once everything has arrived. Then we go through and clean your space to ensure it is tidy and looks great. The time necessary to complete the project varies depending on the size of the area and the scope of the work.

Remodeling Your Space is a Work in Process​

When it comes time for kitchen remodeling on a budget, we start by sending out a kitchen remodeling contractor to look at the property. We have to determine what it is that we are working with before we know what needs to be done. Then, we develop a floor plan that best meets your needs and helps you get the style you desire in your new space. Once we have everything set, we work on ordering the materials needed to complete the project. We also have to prep the space by demolishing the existing space and hauling all of the debris away.

After everything arrives, we work on installing the materials around your home. Then, we go through and clean your space to make sure it is tidied up and looks amazing. The length of time required to complete the project varies based on the size of the space and what all work you are having done.


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