Energy Audits

Calculating Energy Efficiency and Saving You Money

Your home has a variety of different components that affect comfort and efficiency. From insulation to heating and cooling, you want to make sure your home is as efficient as possible. If one part of your home has a problem, it can affect everything else. Our energy audit was designed to figure out what parts aren’t working properly and get your home working as a single unit. You don’t want to treat a single symptom and overlook the main problem.
Our team of energy auditors will perform a number of tests and measurements using an assortment of different tools that help you identify what areas need improvement. The audit covers everything inside and out. Tests are conducted on your property to check for leakage in your ducts, carbon monoxide levels and combustion back-drafts. After the audit, you are given a detailed report that outlines the objective for your property and what upgrades need to be done. After the upgrades are done, another audit is performed to ensure your home is functioning at the proper level.

Exploring the Energy Savings Report

Your FREE energy audit will cover the following:

  • The energy auditor will measure leakage levels in the home by identifying all cracks, holes and crevices leading to increased energy bills.
  • The attic and insulation quantity is inspected with a thermometer that shows the temperature of what your space is at.
  • A flue test is conducted to ensure your boiler, water heater and furnace are venting properly.
  • Energy efficiency ratings of your boiler, appliances, water heater, furnace and air conditioner are checked.
  • Health and safety tests are conducted to check for ventilation issues, gas leaks and carbon monoxide problems.
  • Following the audit, you receive an overview of what issues need correcting in your space.
  • We explain everything to you and give you our recommendations on what can be done to correct the problem.
  • Average completion time is about 90 minutes plus the amount of time it takes to answer any questions you might have.

Preparing for the Advisors Arrival

Gather copies of your utility bills going a few months back, if not further. Clear out anything that might be in the way of the advisor being able to enter the attic, basement or crawlspace.

Products and Services Offered

Our range of services encompasses:

  • Comprehensive energy audit
  • Replacement, servicing and tune-up of your heating and cooling system
  • Air sealing of your wall and attic
  • Water heating solutions
  • Door and window replacement
  • Indoor air quality products
  • High-efficiency spa and pool pumps
  • Efficient lighting upgrades
  • Whole-house fans
  • Discounted Energy Star appliances

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