Choosing a Solar System in San Bernardino Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Anyone who lives in California already knows how much a solar system in San Bernardino can benefit them. When you get 28% more sun than anywhere else, you can understand why countless homeowners are turning to solar panels for their home. These rooftop systems could be the answer you need to saving as much as $150 every month on your energy bill. If you are interested in having panels installed on your home, but have put it off for fear of time and a lengthy process, read more about Todd’s story below.

Todd’s Story

Even though Todd knew he wanted to get panels installed on his clay tile roof, he still had a few concerns. One of the biggest concerns for Todd was having to deal with a long and complicated process just to get a new system installed on his home. He didn’t have the time to go through hours upon hours of looking at panels, filling out paperwork, filing for permits and so on. The main thing he needed was something simple and efficient to get the job done, without all of the hassle and headaches. That is just what he got when he contacted our team at Ground Up Builders.

While the process used to take you weeks to figure out who had the best deal around, that isn’t the case now. We went over all of the different options available to Todd and helped him choose the best one for his particular home. Our main goal was to help get him the solar energy system in San Bernardino that he needed in the shortest amount of time possible.

Thanks to all of the changes and advancements in solar technology, we can get the process going in no time. Since we handled all of the permits, paperwork, installation and everything in between, all Todd had to do was sit back and watch as his new solar system was installed on his San Bernardino County home. Todd was pleasantly surprised at how quick and painless the process was. He didn’t have to spend days or weeks stressing himself out trying to choose a system or call to countless providers in the area. When he contacted us, he got his one-stop provider all in one.




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