Costa Mesa Raised Home Solar System Installation

Residents of Costa Mesa enjoy 20% more sun than the rest of California, making it a great location for home solar systems. On average, homeowners can cut their energy bills by about $140 each month with a solar system installed on their home. With the energy savings alone, it made sense for this Orange County homeowner to install raised panels on their flat roof.

When the homeowner contacted us to discuss the different systems we had to offer, we made an appointment with them to come out and take a look at their property. Our team surveyed the layout of their home, their property and completed a shading report. The first thing we have to do is determine how much shade certain areas of their home gets to determine where the best place for the rooftop system is. After we have an idea of what we are working with, we come up with a design idea that is going to best benefit the Orange County homeowner and allow them to benefit from their new panels to the fullest. Our goal is to help the homeowner save as much as possible.

We determined that raised panels would work best for this particular home. The flat roof and surroundings helped us determine what was going to provide the maximum amount of benefits to the homeowner, while staying within their budget and time constraints. After our team installed the raised home solar system panels, the homeowner was able to start cutting their energy bills and start harnessing the power of the sun.

Since there are a lot of rebates and incentives for Orange County homeowners, we took the time to go over everything that was available to the homeowner to make sure they saved wherever possible. Our team is dedicated to taking care of your home solar needs from start to finish. If you ever have any questions, you can reach out to one of our team members. We are happy to take the time to go over anything you are concerned with regarding your new Costa Mesa solar energy system.

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