Flat Roof Home Solar Installation in Redlands, CA

With 29% more sun than anywhere else in California, many Redlands homeowners are installing home solar systems on their property. In fact, installing panels on your home could end up saving over $150 per month on your energy bill alone. Installing a rooftop system on this San Bernardino County home was one of the best moves the homeowner made.

Jenna’s Story

To protect the interest of the homeowner, we will call them Jenna. Each month Jenna would get her electric bill in the mail. The sheer numbers on the bill were astonishing to say the least. It seemed like Jenna never could get ahead. She was doing everything she could to try and cut corners just to make ends meet, but nothing ever helped. It got to the point where Jenna knew she needed something drastic to make a significant difference in her finances every month.

When she heard about solar panels from one of her friends, she was skeptical at first. She thought there is no way those are going to work for me. However, she was desperate. Her energy bills only seemed to be getting worse. With California’s energy rates being higher than many of the other states, she figured she had nothing to lose by contacting our office.

Our team went over everything with her and explained how the whole panel installation process worked and what she could expect from us. We discussed the various options available for her flat roof. After going through all of the benefits of getting solar panels installed on her home, she made the decision to move forward with the process. That was when we stepped in and went to work installing the system on her San Bernardino County home.

Once her system was installed, she was able to start saving money on the energy bill for her Redlands home. The savings have been truly phenomenal. She no longer feels strapped just to pay for her energy bill. Installing the rooftop home solar system was one of the best moves she ever made. She feels relieved knowing that her panels are working hard to deliver the energy she needs every day.

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