Key Factors Surrounding Solar Panels in Covina

If you are looking to save money, solar panels in Covina might be just what you need. With average residents using 557 kilowatts of energy each month, it makes sense to get a home solar system installed in your home. By having one of these systems installed, you could begin shaving an average of $144 off your energy bill each month. When you live in a city that gets 23% more sun than other cities in the country, it’s easy to see why having panels installed is going to work to your advantage. While choosing a new solar system in Covina might not be as cut and dry as you might think, it is one of the best moves you will ever make.

When this Los Angeles County homeowner contacted us about having one of the systems installed, we set up a time to go to their home and do an assessment of the property. We have to do this to determine what system is going to work the best for their specific needs and wants. One of the first things we have to consider is the layout of the property. Depending on how the home is set up and the roof construction, some panels might work better than others will. This helps us determine if we need to install a raised system or flat system.

We then have to look at the shading around the home. Since solar panels get their power from the sun, we have to make sure that the panels are installed somewhere that they can get the maximum amount of benefit. This allows us to come up with a layout for how we are going to place the on-roof system around their home. If you have a lot of trees around your home, this can make placement a little trickier.

Finally, we also have to look at the layout of the home before installing anything. We need to know where the rooms in the home are to try and correlate your new home solar system in Covina accordingly. The process takes time and patience to make sure the job is done right and you get to enjoy the maximum amount of benefit possible.

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