Manhattan Beach Solar Panels Deliver Instant Savings

Manhattan Beach solar panels are an excellent investment, especially when you consider just how much sun California gets on a regular basis. The average homeowner could find themselves saving around $140 every month with new panels installed on their home. A rooftop system can store around five kilowatt hours of energy each day, meaning a savings of more than 150 kilowatts of power every month. The amount of money one of these systems can save you is well worth the cost of having a new system installed. Check out this recent Los Angeles County installation we completed.

Jeff’s Story

Jeff was the type of person who didn’t like to wait around to see the results of an investment he made. He wanted something that provided instant gratification. Investing in stocks, bonds and CDs weren’t his thing. When he heard about having solar panels in Manhattan Beach installed on his home, he wasn’t sure if it could do what he wanted or not. That’s when he decided to put in a call to our crew at Ground Up Builders.

We sent one of our solar installers out to his home to assess the property and go over the specifics of one of these systems with him. After spending time going through everything, Jeff knew this was the perfect opportunity for him. That’s when we set up an appointment to come out and get his new panels installed and up and running.

Our team went to work to get everything done as quickly as possible for him. Once everything was connected and operational, Jeff was able to start seeing the savings on his energy bill that first month. This was the type of instant savings he was looking for. He didn’t have to wait months, or even years, to start seeing the savings add up. Every month he gets to enjoy the savings on his energy bill without having to wait forever to start seeing results. This was one of the best investments Jeff has made and he couldn’t be happier with how simple and efficient the whole process has been. 

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