Ground Up Builders: Exterior Painting and Foundation Waterproofing in Los Angeles

Bob S. was in need of a new balcony and contacted Ground Up Builders for our services. We have extensive experience with exterior painting and foundation waterproofing and were confident we could provide Bob with the results he was looking for.

The design process for the new balcony was critical, as it needed to be both waterproof and have a wrought iron railing. Our team took the time to understand Bob’s vision and created a design that met all his needs.

The construction process was challenging, as the balcony was located on a hillside. Our team was able to overcome this challenge and successfully complete the project.

The results were exactly what Bob had hoped for – a beautiful, functional balcony that he can enjoy for years to come. He was very satisfied with our services and has already recommended us to his friends and family.

If you’re in need of exterior painting or foundation waterproofing services, we encourage you to contact Ground Up Builders. We’ll work with you to create a custom solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

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