Solar Panel Installation in La Puente

With 22% more sun than anywhere else in the country, many homeowners are turning to solar panel installation in La Puente for their home. Just having one of these rooftop systems installed can help you save around $143 on your energy bill every month. There is a lot of sun available in the city, which is why solar energy in La Puente is on the rise. When you think about the fact that you can harness about six kilowatts of energy per meter every day, there is no reason why you should put off installing an on-roof system for your home. Check out one of our latest on-roof systems for this Los Angeles County homeowner.

Before being able to install a solar energy system, we had to come out and meet with the homeowner in person to get a better feel for what we were dealing with. After assessing the property, we were able to come up with a few ideas for what PV systems we thought might be the most beneficial for the homeowner. Our goal was to be able to provide them with panels that were going to help them save as much money as possible. To do so, we needed to ensure the components were the right size for their specific space.

We went over some of the different options with the homeowner to give them an idea of what it was that we were working with and allow them to make an informed decision. Our team also went over the warranties for each item. Once the homeowner came up with a decision on what they wanted, we went through and double-checked the equipment to make sure it was going to work with their particular property and adhere to building codes.

Then, we scheduled the installed and made plans to begin having our solar installer in La Puente install the system for them. When all was said and done, the homeowner was able to start cutting their energy bill and enjoying the newfound technology that is helping them to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are interested in learning more about these on-roof systems, contact our team of professionals today.

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