Solar Panels in Ventura Help Reduce Energy Costs

Solar panels in Ventura can help homeowners reduce their energy bill by over $140 every month. With 21% more sun here than anywhere else in the country, homeowners can take advantage of 5.9 kilowatts of energy every month with a solar system in place. Since the average home uses more than 550 kilowatts of energy every month, it makes sense to turn around and have one of these systems installed around your home. Check out the recent solar installation we completed on this Ventura County home.

This particular home has composite shingles and an inclined roof. When dealing with an inclined roof in Ventura, you want to make sure you have the panels secured in place to prevent them from sliding off the roof. When our team installed the on-roof panels for this homeowner, we made sure to use the proper fasteners to ensure the panels stayed where they needed to be while maximizing the power of the sun.

Because of the ample space on the roof, we were able to install a few different panels on this roof. The main goal is to provide the homeowner with as many opportunities as possible to help them save money and take advantage of the resources already around them. To do this, we went through and strategically placed the panels on the inclined roof. Since there is a lot of sun readily available to residents of this county, there is no reason not to be able to reduce the amount of money spent on your energy bill each month.

It all starts by making the call to our office and having one of our team members come out and do an assessment of your property. When we do the assessment, we will be able to determine what panels are going to work the best for your home, where to place the panels and how to best wire everything into your current system to allow you to start saving money as quickly as possible. If you are ready to take the step toward getting solar panels in Ventura, give us a call to schedule your consultation today.

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