Solar Panels on an Inclined Roof in Sylmar, CA

California residents get to take advantage of 28% more sun than the rest of the country, which is why many are looking into alternative energy with solar panels in Sylmar. Solar panel installation is 75% more cost-effective here than it is anywhere else in the entire United States. On average, a new rooftop system can save homeowners $150 per month. Because of these benefits, this Los Angeles County resident made the decision to go green with their home.

Developing a Sound Solar System Installation Plan

One of the first things our team has to do is come out and inspect the property to determine where we are going to install the new system. We have to determine what the surrounding property conditions are and where the rooftop system is going to get the most sun. Upon inspecting this property, we were able to come up with a plan that maximized solar consumption and reduced energy usage for this split-level home. The slightly inclined roof, composite shingles and minimal foliage around the property made it easy to determine placement and allow the homeowner to take advantage of the rooftop system to the fullest.

Our team of specialists went in and installed the system on this Los Angeles County home quickly and efficiently. We were able to provide them with the rooftop system needed to help the homeowner begin cutting their energy bills. We handled everything from start to finish, so the homeowner didn’t have to worry about anything other than watching their new solar panel system being installed on their roof.

Incentives and Rebates are Available for Home Solar Systems in Sylmar

Regardless of where you live in California, there are plenty of incentives and rebates available to help you defray the cost of installing a new home solar system. Instead of paying tiered rates for your energy bill, you can start cutting costs and enjoying a cheaper energy bill each month. One of our specialists is happy to answer any questions you might have and help you fill out the paperwork to take advantage of these incentives and rebates for Los Angeles County.

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