Solar Systems in Arleta Are More Affordable Than You Think

Many homeowners who are looking to save money are turning to solar systems in Arleta. When you have so many days of sunshine, there is no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of it with a new home solar system. California residents have the ability to store around five to six kilowatts of energy per day, which can help cut the amount of energy used substantially. Depending on how much you use, you could end up saving around $140-150 per month with your new system installed in Los Angeles County. Check out the recent installation on this Arleta home.

Tom’s Story

Tom was spending around $400 on his energy bill each month. Even though he wasn’t home much during the day, it seemed like the cost of energy was astronomical. Nothing was making a difference in his bill. His friend told him about having a solar system in Arleta installed, but Tom was skeptical. He thought there was no way he could afford to add another bill to his monthly expenses, but he knew he had nothing to lose by contacting Ground Up Builders.

When we first talked to Tom, he had a lot of questions about the process and how much it was going to cost him each month. His biggest concern was that he wasn’t going to be able to afford the monthly payment for the system. Our team went over all of the different systems that we had available for him. We explained what was going to work the best for his home and how much each option was going to cost. Next, we covered the different rebates and incentives available for people who purchased panels for their home.

After spending time with Tom, he realized how affordable one of these rooftop systems was and scheduled the appointment to have us install the new panels. Now, Tom is able to take advantage of his new solar system in Arleta by saving money on his energy bill. The payment he makes for his new system is less than the amount of money he saves on his monthly bill, making it a win-win situation all around for this Los Angeles County homeowner.

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