Tenant Improvement – Crux Climb Gym

Step into the exhilarating world of Crux Climb Gym, a dynamic project brought to life by Ground Up Builders. Blurring the lines between a fitness haven and a vibrant party atmosphere, this high-volume gym is a testament to our versatility and commitment to creating unique spaces that inspire and energize.

Designing for Energy and Intensity:

Crux Climb Gym presented a distinctive challenge — to create a space that seamlessly blended fitness and entertainment. Ground Up Builders embraced the challenge by focusing on key elements that define this unique gym experience.

Sound Insulation:

To ensure a lively yet controlled atmosphere, heavy sound insulation was integrated. The result is an environment where music and energy thrive without disturbing neighboring spaces.

Shock-Absorbing Flooring:

The gym’s high-energy activities demanded specialized flooring to absorb shocks and reduce impact. Our team installed flooring that balances safety with the dynamic needs of climbers and fitness enthusiasts.

Custom Lighting:

Illuminating the high-volume environment required thoughtful lighting design. Custom lighting solutions were implemented to enhance visibility, create ambiance, and contribute to the gym’s energetic atmosphere.

Full Wall Mirrors:

Mirrors were strategically placed to not only amplify the gym’s spatial feel but also aid climbers in perfecting their techniques. The full wall mirrors contribute to the vibrant and visually engaging setting.

Electrical Work:

Ground Up Builders handled the complete electrical work, ensuring the gym is equipped with a robust and efficient electrical system to support its high-volume activities.

Bathroom Construction:

The construction of fully functional and modern bathrooms adds convenience for gym-goers, complementing the overall experience and making Crux Climb Gym a complete fitness destination.

Gym Climbing Equipment:

The heart of Crux Climb Gym lies in its climbing experience. Our team meticulously installed state-of-the-art climbing equipment, providing a challenging and exciting platform for climbers of all skill levels.

A Fusion of Fitness and Fun:

Crux Climb Gym is not just a fitness facility; it’s a celebration of movement, music, and the thrill of climbing. Ground Up Builders successfully created an environment that encourages an active lifestyle while embracing the social and energetic elements that set Crux Climb Gym apart.


Ground Up Builders is proud to present Crux Climb Gym, a project that redefines the gym experience. From sound insulation to custom lighting, shock-absorbing flooring, and cutting-edge climbing equipment, every detail reflects our commitment to innovation and client satisfaction. Step into Crux Climb Gym and experience the fusion of fitness and fun in a high-volume atmosphere like never before.

Los Angeles, United States
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