It doesn’t matter how large or small your current Bel Air home is because every home has an opportunity to save money and take advantage of the energy saving credits and rebates out there. Sadly, many homeowners aren’t aware of just how much money they lose each month on things that could have easily been fixed. To improve your home’s energy efficiency and start saving money each month, you need to look into having an energy audit done.

An energy audit will help you determine where the leak is in your Bel Air home and what you need to do to fix the problem. Our team at Ground Up Builders has formed a partnership with the Building Performance Institute and Energy Upgrade California to audit and analyze how efficient your home is and help you secure your $7,500 rebate.

Regardless of whether the problem lies with windows and doors that weren’t installed properly, leaky ducts, a faulty outlet or improper insulation, we know where to look for potential leaks and what can be done to fix them. After identifying all of the problem areas around your home, we will devise a plan that can correct everything that needs to be done. Our experienced Bel Air professionals will combine a comprehensive checklist and advanced software to identify the areas of concern around your Bel Air home.

Home energy audits are the first step in being able to take control of your energy bill and receive your $7,500 rebate from Energy Upgrade California. Stop throwing money away on your energy bill and start doing something that is going to make your money work for you. By taking care of the leaks around your Bel Air home, your family will be able to enjoy the comfort levels you desire without having to worry about straining your heating and cooling systems.

With a home energy audit, you can save up to 30% on your energy bill each month. Our Ground Up Builders audit will give you a complete report that lets you know what you need to fix and exactly how to go about fixing the problem. It doesn’t matter what age your home is because there is a way to correct any deficiencies and start taking advantage of the savings. Schedule your Bel Air home energy audit today to start reducing your carbon footprint and begin saving on your energy bills each month. 


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