Extend the Life of Your HVAC Unit with These 3 Tips

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Your HVAC system is what helps your home remain warm during the winter and cool during the summer. However, you have to be the one to do your part to maintain it to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency. Otherwise, you could find yourself dealing with a whole host of repairs that need to be done. By not paying attention to your unit, you could end up spending 25 percent more each month on your energy bill. If you want to keep your unit working properly and minimize high energy bills, simply follow the tips below.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

An HVAC repair technician should inspect your unit annually to ensure it is working to the best of its abilities. It doesn’t take long for dust to build up on the inside of your HVAC system. Even things like tree branches and leaves can end up crowding out your unit and causing it to operate inefficiently. HVAC cleaning can help extend your units’ lifespan and keep more of your money in your pocket.

Get a New Air Filter

Your HVAC system uses an air filter to help trap debris, dust and dirt inside of the filter and prevent it from penetrating through your entire system and into your home. If too much dust were to get inside of your system, it can cause clogged components and overheating to occur. A clean filter means improved air quality and minimal complications. In the event you aren’t able to see through the filter, you need to have it replaced. This will help your unit run better and save you money in the end.

Keep the Unit Clean

Dust gathering on your indoor unit can cause the filter to clog and internal damage to occur. If there is a lot of debris surrounding your unit, it could cause an extensive amount of damage. Vacuuming the indoor unit regularly will minimize the dust in your system. Eliminate clutter from around your unit outside. Remove plants that are against the unit as they will clog the HVAC system and cause extensive repair problems to ensue.

If you spend the time caring for your unit in the here and now, you can rest assured that it will last for years to come. Take a moment and discuss your concerns with our HVAC contractor. We can get you taken care of in no time at all.


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