Jewelry Designer, Sonia Boyajian’s LA Store Is Where Art Meets Intimacy

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It’s as if Sonia Boyajian predicted the future. Back in 2019, the eccentric jewelry designer was inspired to create a workspace with a homely touch. Unknown to her, this would be a wise decision in the following year. So now, the LA store houses her office, studio, and showroom, a space where art meets intimacy. 

Nestled in La Brea Avenue, the store conceals the fascinating art hosted within its pink-toned interior. Boyajian achieved this with the help of her long-time friend Pamela Shamshiri, owner of the notable interior design firm Studio Shamshiri.

The two women replicated the works of famous artists while designing the 5,000-square-foot space. Stepping across the sliding doors, the interior welcomes you with a soaring ceiling from which hangs customized Calder-inspired mobiles and light fixtures made from large-scale designs crafted by Boyajian. 

Other accessories designed by Boyajian include ring holders, door knobs, porcelain and ceramic trays, animal figurines, and wall sconces. These elements decorate the room, bringing a cozy feeling to the vast space. 

According to Boyajian, this interior design enabled her to explore and showcase her artistry at every chance.

A section of the room features various shaped holes carved along the wall where different jewelries are artfully displayed in rectangular holes – becoming part of the space. This style was heavily influenced by Donald Judd, while the room’s soft-toned hue and furniture were taken from Georgia O’Keeffe’s studio house. There’s also a sitting area where you can relax and take pictures.  

The center of the room features several more jewelries and handmade artwork displayed inside plywood showcases. Meanwhile, the work studio, which boasts two kilns, is located at the far side of the room. This is where Boyajian molds, bakes, and glazes all her art pieces. 

For more intimacy, they added “a touch of home” with a chimney and an entertainment area for hosting customers and guests. According to Boyajian, she wanted her customers to feel at home while patronizing her artworks. 

Furthermore, there’s a curtained-off kitchen area painted in blush tones featuring white cupboards and cooking appliances located farther into the room. Lastly, there’s a dining area with a whitewashed plywood table and neutral-colored chairs customized by Studio Shamshiri.

According to the interior designers, the space needed to be homey and enable her to prepare food since she spends much time there, a feature that helped her function during the pandemic.

A curved staircase, modeled after a design by Robert Mallet-Stevens, leads to a lofted workspace. The workspace is divided into two parts, a workstation and an archival display room. The small workstation affords Boyajian enough space to weld and carve while she organizes each piece she created in her spacious 18-year archive located right across the room. 

Boyajian claims having her workstation and the archival room is essential since customers feel better knowing where their art purchases were made. It also allows her customers to visit the ceramic studio and see the crafting processes themselves.

The LA jewelry designer started her jewelry and accessories brand in 2003. Her uniquely handcrafted designs, including colorful little prayer beads, are influenced by items collected from her various trips worldwide.

In all, the square-foot store gave Boyajian the luxury to bring alive every step of her creativity under one roof.


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